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    I checked through old posts and couldn’t find anything that seems to replicate what I’m seeing on my rig (2011 LR4, no mods).

    When I park, there’s a small but noticeable dip on the front left corner of the hood. This is easily confirmed by measuring between the top of the front tires and the bottom of the wheelwell/fender – it’s about an inch lower than the front right. I’ve cycled the suspension, and the height difference is constant in each mode, and I’m not getting any extra compressor cycles out of the thing – it’s that low the second I park it and doesn’t drop overnight.

    I have it slated for the 60k checkup and a diagnostic next week, but thought I’d lean on the collective wisdom here as well.

    Ideas? Rituals to try? I think I can get my hands on a used goat…

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